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The Ultimate in Functional Space!

Although this building has been clearly designed with a high regard for aesthetics, functions have not been neglected. Flexible column grids of 11.5 metres x 9.6 metres allow single- and multi-tenants the freedom to tailor office space according to their requirements.

Throughout the office section, fully installed air-conditioning maintains optimum working conditions, while a series of surge arresters protect electrical equipment should lightning strike. Tenants enjoy the convenience of 24-hour usage of their premises through a card access system, and the confidence of manned security with closed circuit TV.

Separate office and cargo entrances ensure a smooth and efficient traffic flow by channelling traffic into two streams. This allows office and warehouse areas to operate side by side, with neither one compromising the other. Each floor is serviced by a comprehensive lift system comprising of two passenger lifts in the office area, and one service lift and four goods lifts in the warehouse area.

The expansive warehouse area maximises useable space with an extra-wide column span and a lofty ceiling height of 6 metres. A fully installed mechanical ventilation system is in place, as well as provision for air-conditioning, if required.

On the ground floor, eight loading/unloading bays with dock levellers are capable of handling even 45 ft. and high cube containers with ease. Under optimal conditions, a standard 40 ft. container can be unloaded, on average, within a mere 45 minutes. Far-sighted provision has also been made for the floor-to-floor conveyance of goods. The first floor has a loading capacity of 20 KN/sq. m., while the second to fourth floors support up to 15 KN/sq. m.


Structural System:  
Substructure Foundation - Bore Pile System
Basement Storey - Reinforced Concrete Flat Slab System
Superstructure (1st Storey to Roof) - Post Tensioned Flat Slab System, clearly marked on the ceilings of the floor below.
Building Imposed Live Loads:
    kN/sqm   Details
Basement Car Park - 3.0 - Car Park
        Lift Lobby
        Sprinkler Equipment
  - 30.0 - Underground Sprinkler Tank
1st Storey - 20.0 - Warehouse Areas
        Loading/Unloading Bay
        Bin Centre
        Switch Room
        MDF Room
        Fire Command Centre
        Store Room
2nd to 4th Storey - 15.0 - Warehouse Areas
        Lift Lobbies
        Corridors and Staircases
Roof - 3.0    
M&E Area - 7.5 - (or to M&E requirement)


Ceiling Height:
Floor to floor height for office and warehouse is 6m throughout.
Floor to false ceiling height for offices is 3.5m.
Ceiling height for warehouse is 5m (clear height).
Column Grids:
Mostly 11.5m x 9.6m.
External Walls:
Granite clad finish to building base at 1st storey.
110mm thick brick wall with plaster and spray texture coating to upper storey.
Internal Walls:  
Passenger lift lobby - Marble/granite finish to 1 m height, with the rest of the wall either in clear tempered glass or panel timber veneers finish.
Cargo Lift Lobby - Cement and sand plaster and emulsion paint.
Office & warehouse - 110mm thick concrete block with plaster and emulsion paint.
Toilet - Glazed ceramic tile to 2.2 m height. Above is emulsion paint.
Suspended Ceiling:  
Passenger lift lobby - Fibrous gypsum plaster board.
Cargo Lift Lobby - Suspended mineral board ceiling at 4.5 m height.
Warehouse - No provision.
Toilet - Water-resistant suspended mineral board ceiling.
Office - Mineral board ceiling suspended by aluminum grid at 3.5 m height.
Floor Finishes:  
Passenger lift lobby - Granite slab with pattern.
Cargo Lift Lobby - Power-floated floor with floor hardener.
Warehouse - Power-floated floor with floor hardener and Epoxy coating on the
    3rd and 4th warehouse.
Toilet - Non-slip homogeneous/ceramic tiles.
Office - Power-floated and bare concrete finish, granite Lift lobbies.
Fire Rating:
The structure design for the building has considered a four-hour fire rating.


- SP Services supplying 22KV 50Hz 3-phase power supply via two (2) incoming feeders, stepped down to 400V 50Hz 3-phase and 230V to the Consumer’s LT. Switchboard for the development distribution and utilization.
- The electrical approved load allowable for the development is 2,000 KVA.
- 1 x 750KVA emergency diesel generator provides emergency power to essential loads during any SP Services power failure.
- The building essential services such as lifts, mechanical ventilation fans, fire protection equipment are backed by standby generator power supply.
- The building is provided with lightning protection system designed in accordance with Singapore Standard CP33:1985.
- Individual Distribution Board complete with surge arrester is provided in each tenanted unit for proper distribution/maintenance and office equipment protection respectively.
- Each tenant unit comes with a distribution board, which is already wired to the light fittings inside. All other switchboard requirements shall be supplied by Tenants at their own cost.
- Design of 3-phase 400V 50Hz allows up to 170w/m² of power for Tenants’ use.
- The electricity load available to the Tenants is subjected to Landlord’s consent and the Building LEW’s approval.


- Water supply for Tenants can be tapped from water risers provided in the building via high-level storage tanks.
- Good and custom designed sanitary fittings complete with piping for all toilets.
- Provision of sanitary floor trap in warehouse unit for future washbasin and condensate discharge.
- Tenants need to apply to the water authority for connection of sub-water meter at the water riser located at each level, at their own cost.


- Infrastructure for telecommunication services which is designed in accordance with IDA's requirement is provided.
- Two (2) nos. of distribution panels at telecom riser to each floor with cable tray installed at common corridor is provided for facilitating the telecommunication services to the Tenants.


- Mechanical Ventilation System for warehouse space is provided.
- Space and power provision for full air-conditioning of warehouse space.
- Air-conditioning (VRV) system for office space and lift lobbies provided.


- Adequate fire and detection systems are provided for the safety of all occupants and for property protection.
- The building is protected throughout all floors by a fire alarm system comprising of call points, smoke detectors, sprinkler system, fire hose reels and fire extinguishers.


- Closed-circuit television cameras and Card Access readers cum door monitoring contacts are provided at lift lobbies/driveway and designated doors respectively for security surveillance purposes.
- 24 hour manned security.


There are 2 passenger lifts, 1 service lift and 4 goods lifts in the building. The specifications are as follows:
Description Passenger Lifts Service Lift Cargo/Goods Lifts
Number of lifts 2 1 4
Capacity 1,000 kg 1,500 kg 3,000 / 5,000 kg
Internal Dimensions (WxDxH) mm 2,000 x 1,550 x 2,600 1,530 x 2,250 x 2,600 2,500 x 2,200 x 2,700 / 2,600 x 3,600 x 2,900
Door Opening Center opening Center opening Sliding up
Lift Car Interior Finishes:
Passenger Lifts - Granite floor
  - Stainless steel finish combines with timber veneer finish on walls.
  - Stainless steel ceiling with light diffusers.
Cargo Lifts - Mild steel checker plate on floor
  - Spray painted ceiling panel with light diffusers
  - Aluminum checker plate finish on wall


- MATV tap-off point is provided at each ELV riser for any tapping of signal reception to the tenants units.


- 24 hour building access. - Handicapped accessible.
- One roof-top tennis court. - Provision for roof-top helipad.
- One roof-top multi-function pavilion. - Provision for roof-top satellite dish.